Module 9: QR Codes


Using QR Coding in Class

Wow! I can hardly describe my enthusiasm about using QR codes in my classroom. I have always wanted to give it a try, but again that fear just kept me from it. Now, I can see many helpful uses for QR codes and I’m sure my students will too. Since we are approaching the start of a new school year, I decided to try using QR codes for one of my Back To School activities. I usually assign a fun “About Me” poetry writing activity that uses emojis to show some of emotions in my students’ poems, and I call this a Get to Know MEmoji Poem. Now with QR codes, I can assign the poem, I can have my students read my sample, and I can also have them listen to me read my own poem to them. All this can happen before they even start writing their own. Awesome!!!!

Resource #1 Get to Know “MEmoji” Poem

I will begin by posting everything for this poetry activity on Google Classroom. I will ask students to read the directions page below (click here), and then access the poem template from the QR code. From there, they will be directed to the Google Doc and they can see the format of the poem.

The following screenshots show the student’s template pages of the poem and the QR code to access the synonyms image.

Resource #2 Synonyms Gallery

As I was writing my poem and recording it, I found myself repeatedly using the words “excited” and “happy” because of the emojis. Naturally, my students would do the same so I found a cute word cloud (see below) of synonyms for happy and excited that may help them make better choices in their poems. I included this QR code at the bottom of the student’s poem template. I was thinking that I may need to create an additional planning sheet that just has the emojis and they can write their descriptive words next to each one.

Synonyms Word Cloud
QR code to access synonyms word cloud


Resource #3 Ms. Joy’s “MEmoji” Poem (A little something extra)

Next, I will post my own “MEmoji” poem (see screenshot) on Google Classroom and at the bottom of my poem is the QR code to take them directly to my audio file. I used Online Voice Recording to record myself reading my poem for them to enjoy. This will be the first time everyone can listen to me read a poem and I will not have to strain my voice. Ahhhh, the idea of having the opportunities for multiple readings whenever they want is so encouraging to me.

As a lover of everything poetry related, I am already envisioning my students recording their poems and being able to share them on their iPads for the first Parent Back to School Night.

Here is the QR code for the Audio-Recording of Ms. Joy’s “MEmoji” Poem. I hope you enjoy it! I had some trouble with the microphone settings and found that my earbuds solved the problem quickly.

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