Module 3: Mind Mapping


Using Mind Mapping in School

I teach gifted and talented 5th graders who would benefit from learning to use Lucid Charts. I think they would be able to generate mind maps with ease after a few tries with the program. I had a hard time even starting with Sketchboard, thus I moved on to use Lucid Chart. I found it to be simple and easier to navigate. The only part that gave me trouble was accessing the external link because on a Mac the little hand doesn’t come up. I had to do some online searching and found that I needed to use Shift+Command+Click to access the external link.

My students would be able to begin with the sample project that I did. They are familiar with Book/Head/Heart already because it was taught in grade 4. They can use their iPads to create their own mind maps before we begin their novel studies. I just hope the iPad doesn’t present additional obstacles when navigating the site. I will try it on my own iPad first.

My Project Using a Lucid Chart Mind Map

The Book/Head/Heart Mind Mapping Activity in the attachment shows the three main topics (Book, Head, Heart), the questions that generate from each main topic, and then answers to those questions. Lucid Chart allowed me to easily generate arrows connecting boxes. I accessed Autodraw to create the freehand Book, Head, and Heart symbols which was cool and very easy to create. I used some additional shapes under the 3 main topics. Finally, I added a hyperlink to an article related to one of the responses about corporal punishment in schools.

LucidChart Mind Map

I enjoyed using Lucid Chart to create my first Mind Map. I was most pleased with how easy it was to customize my mind map the way I wanted it to be. I am looking forward to using it with my fifth graders.

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