Module 2: Online Collaboration


My Reactions to Using Slack

I am excited about using Slack. I really hope that my colleagues will come on board with it as well. One of the teachers I invited happens to be my other tech savvy friend, and I have a feeling she may want to use it on her grade level also. I think I may want to invite my former student teachers from last year to use Slack. They may need it to minimize tracking emails and texts as they begin their first year as classroom teachers.

How I Might Use Slack

I read an interesting article about 5 reasons our teams should use Slack instead of email, IM, and texts. One challenge for me is taking the time to get comfortable with something new. This article pointed out that Slack saves time because messages tend to be much shorter. That’s already a benefit to encourage me to try it more. I am envisioning my grade level team using Slack because we collaborate for all of our trimester planning, some of our unit planning, and even some weekly planning.

My Project and Screenshots of Slack Practice

Below, I attached screenshots of the discussion in my Slack practice. One response has an attachment from me called Figure Me Out; one post initiated from another person has a sample slide from her student’s project; there are a few emoji reactions, @ mentions, and a side thread. You will also see my starred #alphaproject, my public channels separate from my private channel, and the people who are currently on Slack with me.

Slack Screenshot 1

Here is the Direct Message thread.

Below is the screenshot that shows a post by another person in my group.

SlackShot with Post

I am finding this tool to be user-friendly and I will certainly make it a goal to help my grade-level team try it.


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