Module 1: Reflection

What are my biggest challenges with technology?

My first challenge is preparing engaging and stimulating presentations for my students. I am comfortable with Power Point, KeyNote, and Prezi, but I don’t prepare them the way that I think best serves my students. They seem flat and dull. I had the pleasure of being the guiding teacher for two novices last year who were tech savvy. When I saw the level of engagement in my students from the novices’ presentations, I knew I needed to improve my tech work.

My second challenge is FEAR. Sometimes I am afraid to try new tech platforms that may help me manage more in less time. I know there are programs for parents to sign up for conferences, extensions on Google Suite, etc., but I get stuck in my comfort zone and fear moving out. The good thing is that I love learning about new tech, so that’s why this course was EXACTLY what I needed to help me venture into new territories.

Why Bother Learning More Technology?

COLLABORATION!!!! My school is a Pilot school that operates around collaboration. If I didn’t use Google Drive, SeeSaw, Google Classroom, and Edmodo I wouldn’t be able to collaborate with my coworkers and students. We always collaborate.

I would also have to add that using and building 21st century skills is a benefit. My students have iPads, so if I didn’t allow them to access technology on a regular basis, there would be no point in having iPads. I’ve seen some teachers leave the iPad cart locked because they don’t have the skills to teach their students from iPads. How ludicrous! The students could very easily teach those teachers and have access to the digital skills necessary for their future.

How Might I Use Blogging in Class?

A few years ago, I tried a class blog. I had great intentions! My students and I were blogging to share poetry and other writings. I think it lasted for about 3 months and then it just fizzled. I don’t want that to happen again.

I think the key for me is to find a smart goal not a lofty goal. I need to determine what my students and I can feasibly do to manage our blog. Ideally, I would want a small group of students to be on my blog team. I would want them to assist with the actual publications. They could receive submissions from classmates and then work on publishing with me. I would also like my blog to be a place for parents to see more content and students’ work.

Professionally, I would want a separate blog for educators to visit and see what kinds of things my students and I are doing. Again, I need smart goals.



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